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What is Northfield Arts Town?

Northfield ArtsTown is a platform that connects art, music, events, culture, and commerce. What does that mean to you, the advertiser? It’s a direct opportunity to send a targeted message to folks who are interested in the whole artistic mix that makes up Northfield, Minnesota.

Our broad range of content categories can help you focus your advertising campaign to get the best results: Dance, Film, Literary Arts, Music, Theater, Visual Arts…not to mention the venues and people that support them.

Advertising is easy!

We’ve made uploading, and managing your ads easy. Your ad purchases are handled safely and securely through OIO Publisher and PayPal. We provide click-through and impression tracking in regular ad reports emailed directly to you!

The basic process:

  • Select what ad format or “zone” you’d like to purchase.
  • Upload your ad, and fill-in the details of your order.
  • The ArtsTown staff will review your order, and once it’s approved you will receive an email with confirmation.
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to pay for the ad via PayPal. Once payment is complete, your ad will appear.
  • As your ad run nears expiration, you’ll get an email asking if you’d like to renew.

Looking for a custom solution or need an ad created? The ArtsTown staff is happy to help. Just shoot us an email.